Sidewinder in Winter

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Just because there’s snow doesn’t mean you can’t ride. Just head out early while it’s still frozen.

Sidewinder with a bit of snow and ice


The foothills in Winter

•February 1, 2014 • 2 Comments

If you want to get out for a ride in the foothills this time of year, you’ll have to go early. As long as it freezes over night, you’ll have until about 10am until you should be off the trails.

This morning, the trails were just starting to thaw by 10. I’d guess that by 11:00 almost everything would be too muddy to ride.

Be careful in the higher bits (above the military reserve and any trail near a stream)…these spots were completely covered with shear ice, and a dusting of snow. The snow makes it really tough to see where the ice is. So there’s potential for real carnage if your descending and not paying attention.


My first Video!

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Here’s my first ride video: Camels Back Loop

This ride starts at camels back park, goes to lower hulls, sidewinder, red cliffs, then back. Everything is in fast motion except the descent.

It was a nice time to ride. A bit icy, but almost no people.

It’s a short, ~10 mile loop. Great for a quick jaunt.

Highlands Trail

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There’s a new trail in the lower foothills!  It used to be that if you wanted to get to Corral’s you had to climb Bogus Basin Rd, or ride an illegal trail that was occasionally closed.  Well no more!  Starting at Bob’s trailhead there is a new connector.  (Quick directions to Bob’s: Head up (north) Bogus Basin Rd; turn right on W. Curling Dr; Turn left on E Braemere Rd; Turn left on Hearthstone Dr; follow it to the end)

Coming down the road into Bob’s trailhead, Bob’s trail will be on your right.  Now, there is a very well defined, but unsigned trail that goes straight (northish) out of the parking area.  That’s how you get to the Highland’s Trail.  Climb up the trail and you will soon see this sign:


Going straight will loop you back to Bob’s, turning left will take you to Corrals.

The trail is super fun.  It has some moderately steep sections (not necessarily granny gear, but still steep), and lot’s of switchbacks.  Here is a view looking back towards Bob’s (towards Boise downtown), from about half way up.


Here is another view, maybe 3/4’s of the way up, looking back towards Bob’s again.20131116-192759.jpg

And here is the Google Earth shot:

Highlands Trail

I originally planned on using this trail just to connect to Corrals.  But once I got to the top, I couldn’t resist going back down, and it was a hoot.  Beware, though, that there are many tight switchbacks.  Don’t be that guy that skids his wheels before every turn and creates braking bumps all over the place.

Have fun!


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Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we live here. I’ll try to have a post on Avimor soon.

Gloomy weather

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Spring has sprung. Stick to sandy trails for a while. All the trails in the recent Connecting Dirt post (up to Pierce Park Rd) will likely be good between rain storms. Eagles bike park holds water fairly well too. Lower Hulls and the shared OHV trails are good for recent rain too.

Just make sure you turn around if you’ll be making deep tracks, or carry your bike through muddy sections. Definitely don’t ride around the mud and make trails wider.

Seamans Gulch

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Looking back down SG loop.