Eastside to Mr. Big and Out

Yesterday (sorry for the late report), I went out to Bogus Basin and road Eastside, and it was awesome!  What a treat.  Spectacular trail, with spectacular views…Highly recommended.  I intended to take a lot of pictures of the intersections and what not, but I ended up meeting up with a few guys and riding with them, so I didn’t stop to snap photos.  However, the good news is that the main trails are well marked and are easy to follow on the Schafer Butte map.

Here are the rough directions: Start heading up Bogus Basin Road.  Once you start off from the last stop sign (by the school and Mayor’s (?) house just after the LDS church), start your odometer.  At 15.1 miles you’ll see a pullout to your left with a No Parking on Pavement sign and a marked trailhead for Eastside.  This will be just before you get to the Welcome to Bogus Basin sign (or similar).  Park here and start riding.  You’ll pass a nordic trail on your right, and then take a sharp left at the next nordic track to stay on Eastside (this intersection is marked).  Continue following Eastside until you come to the intersection for 122 (Sinker Creek) and turn left to stay on Eastside.  The next intersection is the DB Connector, #123, at which you will turn left.  These intersections are all marked an no brainers.

At this point all you’ve done is followed the map and stayed on obvious single track, but here is where there will be some decisions to make.  The next intersection you will come to is the one that meets back up with Sinker Creek.  Here there is an unmapped trail that continues straight-ish (S/SE), this is the trail that I took to get back to Bogus Basin Road, however, to continue on Eastside, you want to take the trail that heads West (Eastside, should be marked).  Continuing uphill on Eastside you will come to an intersection where you can turn right or left, left will take you back to BB road, and right continues on Eastside.  Not far from this intersection you will take a right turn and start heading NW, this is the start of Sweet Connie.  To get on Sweet Connie, stay straight.  It doesn’t look like much, and if you’re not looking for it you won’t see it, but it’s there.  Taking the right turn will take you to the marked trail for Mr. Big (a right turn), and an unmarked trail (straight) to head to Stack Rock (so I’m told).  I followed Mr. Big (124).

Following Mr. Big there will be a point where you can go straight, or take a right turn to the East; take the right turn.  I don’t know where continued N/NE will get you.  At this point, you’re back on the map with no confusing intersections.  I followed 124 back to Eastside and took the unmarked trail back up to BB Road.  This unmarked trail has several options shooting off of it (at least one of which I think connects back to Eastside…?).  I followed a simple rule on this trail and it got me back to the road: Stay Left.  Every time I got a chance to turn right, stay straight, or turn left, I turned left.  This included a single track that headed sharply up a short hill after a switchback on a wide well used path.

I ended up back on the road at a car pullout just about 3 miles from where I started.

Everything about this trail was a ton of fun.  Watch out for sharp corners and optional log rides.  Don’t worry about getting lost if you’re going to be sticking to the mapped trails, everything is well signed.  I’m going to head out right now and park my car at the bottom of Sweet Connie, ride up, do a little bit of Eastside and Sinker Creek, and come back down Sweet Connie.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


~ by cardwelc on July 5, 2010.

6 Responses to “Eastside to Mr. Big and Out”

  1. I followed your link to your blog, thanks for the information on Mr Big Trail. I was worried about the map saying temporary end… I would definitely like to tag along on some of your adventures on trails here. My husband and I are new to Idaho too, we have been here for just under 2 years (although I don’t count one since we spent most of it in Denver). Let me know when you are available, just please note that I am not in the best of shape… Working on it but still struggle with the hills here in some instances. I rode from the top of Eastside trail down to sinker trail then back to Eastside up and out. It is definitely more fun down hill then up.

    We moved here from the east coast and miss trees too, although we started riding in Arizona and got used to the desert too.

    I have been exploring more of the trails. I would like to head up on the trails that are on Rock Canyon Rd, we rode one loop there, but I think that it could be something that with more knowledge of the trails a better loop might have been picked…

    I am getting up on Sunday to ride in the morning. on 7/11/10. Let me know if you are interested in a ride!

    • Hey! Sorry to have missed you this morning. Where did you end up riding? The stuff off of Rocky Canyon Road is really fun. I have always started these rides from the military reserve, though. One of my favorite loops has been to ride Three Bears up to trail #6 (I think) then across #42 to Hull’s Gulch and ride upper Hull’s/Sidewinder back to the Military Reserve. If I remember right it’s about 16 miles, but I’m not positive. I’ve been planning on going out and riding some of this area again so I can get some reviews up, but it’ll definitely have to be in the cool of the evening…

      • I ended up riding corrals to hard guy this morning, I didn’t make it to the top, it was really hot because I didn’t get out earlier. I drank most of my water and I have a big camelbak bag.

        I start my second 5 week summer session on Monday and once I figure out how much work I will have to do I might be able to go riding during the week. Regardless I know I will be up for Friday rides because I am off that day.

  2. One more thing to have you check out, in CT we found this website which has awesome information on trails all over the country. It would be great to get the trails input onto this site. It would give a better review of the trails etc. When we got here we got the book on biking in Boise and it was not the greatest resource. The RTR map is awesome, but it doesn’t help with descriptions… like up hill forever, for a few minutes of down…

    Here is the link:

  3. Hey, I am still hoping to go ride with you at some point. I will be around for a Friday ride (July 23) if your interested. And one thing I noticed, is that your blog is protected? I was trying to look at info you had on the trails and I wasn’t allowed, did something happen?

    • I should be available fri, keep me up to speed on your plans.

      Only a couple posts are protected. When we go riding I’ll explain it all.

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