SWIMBA Work Day on Mohalo

Today I went up with SWIMBA to work and ride on the Mohalo trail (A.K.A. Gardner Peak).  It was a great time, and I recommend that anyone take advantage of these workdays whenever you get the opportunity.  It was great to meet more bikers and just hang out while giving a little back to the trails we love.

In getting to Mohalo, I rode a trail that I hadn’t ridden yet.  Trail #91, on RTR.  It starts at the parking lot of Bogus Basin and runs up underneath the first two lifts.  It drops you off at the top of the hill and treats you to a supremely excellent view:

Going back down #91 was pure joy!  It is short, but just an awesome bit of fun.  I’ll definitely be exploring these upper-bogus trails a lot more.

Here are some photos of the crew:

Thanks to everyone!  And it was awesome meeting you all!


~ by cardwelc on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “SWIMBA Work Day on Mohalo”

  1. keep doing these blogs, I really like them!

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