No Cars–Corral’s to Mil Reserve

This is a ride I did several days ago that I thought is worth sharing.  I don’t think it needs much explaining, so this post will be a bit brief.

I decided that I wanted to go for a ride and not have to take the car along, so I rode from Garden City (home) to Bogus Basin Rd and in on Corral’s Trail (#31), over to the Crane Gulch Connector (#1), then down the Crestline Trail (#28), left onto the Military Res Connection (#23), left onto the road and then up the Ridge Crest trail (#20) and right onto the Central Ridge Trail (#22).  This led me out to the parking lot and road the road back home.  All totaled it ended up being 29.02 miles.

Corral’s Trail: Lot’s of fun!  It’s 4 miles long and starts at the same place as if you were going to do Hard Guy or Scott’s Trail.  It’s got a few uphills that aren’t that bad, and a lot of easy (e.g. non-technical riding).  Watch out for cows and one particular switchback cutting to the left after the intersection with Scott’s Trail as you’re flying downhill.  At the end of Corral’s, you’ll have the option to turn right onto Bob’s trail (never done it) or stay straight onto the multi-use trail #1.  This is what I did.

Trail #1: The end of Corral’s and the start of trail 1 seems like an indistinguishable point until you come to the parking lot.  Here’s what’s going to happen.  You’ll be riding Corral’s trail and you’ll stay straight at the connection to Bob’s trail.  You’ll dump out on 8th St Extension, a dirt road, right near a parking lot.  Cross the road and head towards the parking lot.  There will be three sections to the parking lot, an area to the left, an option to stay straight and go a bit higher, and an area to the right.  You’ll see a big sign that seems to indicate that you should stay straight and go to the upper parking area.  Ignore the sign and go to the right.  You’ll see an obvious trail at the far side of this parking area and you’ll take it downhill.  This little section is a lot of fun, but very short.  It ends after a switchback to the right and a short rocky section, dumping you out at the intersection of Ridge Crest and Lower Hull’s Gulch.  Lower Hull’s Gulch is a ton of fun to ride, but lately I’ve been opting for the Ridge Crest trail because it is less traffic’d by walkers.  Lower Hull’s would be an absolutely stellar trail (and really is) if it were a one-way mountain biker only sort of deal, because you could really let loose and have a lot of fun.  As it is, it’s still really fun, but you need to be super careful of the folks coming in the opposite direction.  Irregardless, you’ve got to ride it at least once, and you’ll no doubt come back to ride it again later.

Crestline Trail: This is a fast, very non-technical trail that is a lot of fun, but pretty uneventful.  Traffic is pretty easy to see in most places, so you can pick up your speed on this one.  Follow this trail, staying straight most of the time except where Red Cliffs (#39) pops up on your right (maintain left here).  Just before you hit a paved road, at the end of this trail, take a left near a sign board onto the Military Res Connector (#23).

Military Res Connector: This is a fun downhill trail, but don’t let your speed get away from you because traffic can be hard to see coming in the opposite direction. This trail will dump you out on the Mil Reserve road.  Take a left turn here and follow the road across the creek, and take an immediate right turn onto the Ridge Crest Trail (#20).

Ridge Crest: Follow this short uphill to the intersection and take a right onto the Central Ridge Trail.

Central Ridge Trail: There are lot’s of options to take on this trail, all of them that I’ve tried have been fun, so take this opportunity to explore how you see fit.  It’s a fun little section of downhill with potential for switchbacks and water bar jumps.

Once you’re off Central Ridge, you’re back on the road, and if you’re me, you’re heading home.

This was a great lollipop, if you live in Garden City or want to ride out to Bogus Basin Road.


~ by cardwelc on August 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “No Cars–Corral’s to Mil Reserve”

  1. bobs trail would be fun to try. I have heard it is a lot different than any other trails in the area

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