Corral’s and Bob’s Loop

Motivated by a tip on Bob’s trail, I decided to head out this morning and try her out.  I was intending to only do Bob’s, but I discovered an unmapped and unnamed trail that allowed me to make a no-road loop, so I went ahead and took it.  I actually ended up riding Bob’s trail three times, once up and twice down, and I enjoyed it all three times.  This is a great loop no matter which direction you take.  It ended up being just about 7.5 miles.


Start heading up Bogus Basin Road and take a right on W Curling Dr (right by the school, at the stop sign).  Take your first left, onto E Braemere Rd, and then a left onto Hearthstone Dr.  Follow Hearthstone to the end, which is a small culdisac with two obvious trails.  The trail on the right is Bob’s trail.  The trail on the left is an unnamed and unmapped trail that connects up to Corral’s trail.  The direction you go is up to you.  Read the trail descriptions below and see which direction might appeal the most to you.  When in doubt, try them both.

I started this loop (after doing an out-and-back on Bob’s) heading up the unmapped trail (left).  If I didn’t tell you anything about the trail, you’d probably make the same decisions I did regarding the intersections you’ll come across.  You’ll do a short little climb and then descend right by the golf course.  Just as you start to turn away from the golf course there will be an intersections where you can stay straight or turn right.  You want to go right (I didn’t see where straight went, but right was obviously more traffic’d).  You’ll start climbing and there will be another option (maybe two) on the side, but you want to stay straight on the well traveled trail.  This trail will start to climb steeply.  I climbed this section at about a 5 mph pace.  I could have gone faster, but I would have been working really hard to do it…it’s a decent hill.  You’ll come to a gate held closed by barbed wire, and after crossing the gate you’ll come to a dirt road that is the upper entrance to Corral’s trail.  Take a right to stay on Corral’s.

Corral’s: This is a fun, relatively easy ride with no real surprises.  You’ll climb gradually and come to a gate.  The trail will flatten out and you’ll come across a little single track on your right (you’ll still be on a dirt road at this point).  Take the single track (if you miss it, it’s no big deal).  It’s a short windy little thing that’s a fun option, and it’ll dump you right back on the road you just left.  Directly in front of you will be the start of Hard Guy, but you want to follow the road to the right.  You’ll go down a hill, up a little hill and come to a gate.  Cross the gate, and start climbing a gradual semi-rolling hill until you come to a decently steep hill.  At the top of this hill you’ll be at the intersection of Scott’s and Corral’s.  Turn right to stay on Corral’s, climb a short hill and start descending.  This descent is a blast.  Lot’s of little water bars make for fun features.  Watch out for a couple tight turns so you don’t go careening off the hill.  You’ll go down a couple of these descents until you come to another gate after a corner.  Not too much farther after this gate is the intersection of Bob’s.  Continue straight until you see the trail take a 90-ish degree right turn up a side hill.  Just before this side hill is the signed intersectio of Bob’s.  Take a hard right to get onto Bob’s.

Bob’s: Bob’s is a cool little trail.  It’s only 1.75 miles long but it’s got a lot of character.  What gives Bob it’s character is its occasional sections of technical rock.  Riding downhill is really no big deal.  There is one rocky section where you need to pick your line and set your butt back over your saddle so you don’t go over the bars, but that’s about as technical as it gets.  Going uphill, though, is a whole different story.  In the uphill direction these (3-4) rocky sections get significantly more technical.  Two of them I had to try twice before I cleaned them, and one I couldn’t ride at all.  All the sections are rideable, even the one that I couldn’t do, but they (it) may take some work.  I found that the two I had to take a couple shots at were the sort of thing where I failed the first time, learned my lesson, and rode it clean the second time, and will likely continue to ride it clean from now on.  An expert would have known how to ride it from the get go, but I needed to learn my lesson.  So far, riding in Boise, this is the trail with the most difficult (albeit few) sections of technical rock I’ve found so far.  This is the first rocky section in Boise that I haven’t been able to ride (I take that back, going towards Bogus Basin Rd on Dry Creek, there is a section of rock that I can’t ride, but I’m not sure how rideable it is if you’re not a trials rider…).  So, I highly recommend giving this trail a go in the uphill direction.  I spent most of the trail in an easy gear because some of the rocky sections sneak up on you, but you’ll need to make sure you are in a gear that you can keep your momentum up.  If you dig a little technicality to your uphills, you’ll love Bob’s.

Here’s the rocky sections I couldn’t ride.  The big rock at the top of the picture had my number!

For those of you that are reading, and know better than me, are there more trails like Bob’s around?  So far, the top of the list for technical trails are Dry Creek, Rock Garden/Island, and now Bob’s.

This is a great loop!


~ by cardwelc on August 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Corral’s and Bob’s Loop”

  1. im not really sure of any other more technical terrain besides Wilson Creek. I know that Wilson Creek south of Nampa is very rocky and technical. It may be good to look into. Some other harder rides would be Homestead trail and Cobb trail around the lucky peak area, or Avimor would be a totally different experience.

  2. The steep little trail off to the right that meets up with Corrals is known locally as “Forbidden Love.” It’s a bit of a grinder that’s for sure. Lower Hull’s has one pretty technical rock section.

  3. […] Basin Rd, or ride an illegal trail that was occasionally closed.  Well no more!  Starting at Bob’s trailhead there is a new connector.  (Quick directions to Bob’s: Head up (north) Bogus Basin Rd; turn […]

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