The Season Begins Anew

So, admittedly, I am a season mountain biker.  I have never been one to stick to a single sport 24/7, otherwise I get burnt out…and frankly, that’s an easy thing to do her in Boise.  But, I went hiking through the foothills yesterday and the trails were pretty dang dry (except for the upper elevations obviously).  So I’m tuning up my bike (still knocking the dust off from a Utah trip) and hoping to get out and ride a bit today.

The first month or so will be all about putting on those base miles, focusing more on distance and time than speed and location.  I hope to get a high mile count this season and do some longer distance trips, and a few multi-day ventures.  Around here, though, that means hitting a lot of dirt roads, which I’ve never been a fan of.  Maybe a trip to Colorado is in order.  Sun Valley is also on the list of must-dos this season.  But, I’ve got to start out with some basic saddle time.

Here are a couple pictures from the hike last night.

An elk in the foothills


Tree Silhouette

Update: It’s haling now, so a ride today may not be in the cards.  Lame!


~ by cardwelc on March 25, 2011.

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