Bob’s, Corral’s, and a new Loop

Well, I worked last night for 24 hours, so I wanted to get some riding in but wasn’t sure how much energy I had.  I decided on doing this loop because I knew it’d be fun, fairly short, but also challenging.  Boy was it harder than I remember it being from last year.  The whole loop is something I’ve done before, and is well described here: Bob’s and Corrals Loop (though I rode it in the opposite direction today, starting with Bob’s).  But I did find a new loop, at least it’s new to me.  It starts out just a little bit past the first steep hill (just past the park bench) and is ridiculously obvious (leading me to believe that it’s genuinely new, unless I was blind to it before).  Bob’s will meander to the right and this trail will climb to the left.  It is a steady climb all the way to the top with no significant let-ups.  I was in my easiest gear the whole time (which doesn’t mean much right now since my legs are currently made of jelly anyway) and breathing hard when I got to the top.  As of today (4/6/11) it is decently wet.  There are at least two sections I had to walk because I would have left deep tracks otherwise.  The trail is not technical but it is narrow.  Once you get to the top you’ll see a large cairn and the trail will head left, back towards Bob’s.  You’ll come to an intersection where you can see that your trail obviously heads downhill to the left (back to Bob’s), but there is an option to go straight through a fence.  I followed this trail (straight through the fence) for a little ways and figure that it links up quickly to the connector trail that I came back on from Corral’s.  Here’s a picture of where I stopped:

I think that if you keep following this down, you’ll end up near the golf course and near the trails that take you back to the cul-de-sac where you parked or the higher trail that gets you back out to Bogus Basin Rd.  Given that, what you’ll probably want to do is take the left before the fence that takes you back down to Bob’s trail head.  It’s a super fun little descent. The whole loop is very short, probably about two miles.  It’d be a fun ride when you haven’t got any time but really want to get a lap or two in on some hill-work and fun descending.

Here’s a quick picture of the wettest section of this little loop as of today (4/6/11):

Trail conditions for Bob’s was decent.  There are several small mud puddles and a couple sections that should be walked.  Any more rain and I’ll be staying clear until the sun comes out for a couple days.  Right now the stream next to Bob’s is very full and the creek crossings are a lot of fun.  This seems like a really good time to ride it.

Corral’s was a lot wetter.  It seemed that the closer you got towards bogus the wetter things got.  There were several sections that should be walked and lot’s of little puddles.  Most people are just riding it, and it’s really tearing up the trail:

It’s nice to be out riding right now, but if we don’t ride the trails responsibly they’re going to be all torn up when the season kicks into full gear.

I won’t be heading back out to Corral’s until it dries up more, which will probably be a little bit since there’s a lot of rain in the forecast.

Total miles for today was almost exactly 10 miles (9.98) with all detours included.

Where are other people riding right now? Where are the driest trails in Boise?

Map of Ride:


A couple more pictures from the trail:


~ by cardwelc on April 6, 2011.

2 Responses to “Bob’s, Corral’s, and a new Loop”

  1. […] Basin Rd, or ride an illegal trail that was occasionally closed.  Well no more!  Starting at Bob’s trailhead there is a new connector.  (Quick directions to Bob’s: Head up (north) Bogus Basin Rd; turn […]

  2. Do I sense both ND and polarizer filters on your digicam? Nice!

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