Bonk! 26 Mile Loop.

Today was not my day. I woke up late, didn’t fuel well before or during the ride, and ended up bonking at the top of the techy hill on Three Bears. I had intended to go to Watchmen and make a long ride for myself, but I got snuffed. Still had fun, but it just wasn’t what I was hoping for. Here’s the loop:

Up Lower Hull’s Gulch (29)
Up Crane Gulch Connector (1)
Up 8th St Extension
Down Scott’s (32)
Across on Corrals (31)
Back down to Hull’s on Crane Gulch (1)
Cross the creek to Crestline (28)
Up Sidewinder (24)
Across Trail 4 to Fat Tire Traverse (42)
Down Freestone Ridge (5)
Up Three Bears (26) — Admit defeat at the top of the rocky hill
Back down Three Bears to Bucktail (20A)
Down Ridge Crest (20)
Across Mountain Cove (22C)
Up Military Reserve Connection (23)
Up Crestline Trail (28)
Down Lower Hull’s Gulch (29)

This loop was almost exactly 26 miles. It’s got a lot of climbing and the climbing really accumulated on me. The downhills were great for recovery, but they sure don’t last long, and today, they didn’t last long enough for me to recover between hills. I was hoping to add Watchmen and Five Mile Gulch to this list, but alas.

Here’s the map:


~ by cardwelc on April 22, 2011.

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