Still Riding; New Benchmark

I don’t know if anyone is looking at this blog to see what I’ve been riding, but if you are, I haven’t been slacking off, I just haven’t been posting.  I’ve put in 80-100 miles since my last post, some road, some on the trainer, but mostly on dirt.  All the dirt rides are ones that I’ve posted on before, except for the trails off Pierce Park Road (#81-83).  I still need to write a review of these trails, and it is way overdue, because they are a lot of fun.

Today, I just got back from a solo ride on this loop (Three Bears to Watchmen).  Man it was fun.  The weather was spectacular, and the trails were perfect! There was a little bit of traffic here and there where I had to yield, but overall it didn’t interrupt the flow of the ride.

I’m going to use today’s ride as a benchmark for the rest of the season.  This is a loop I do often, so I will watch my times and see what happens.  Also, I road today with the intention of staying within my lactic threshold (except for the steepest hills, where I would have otherwise been walking), which felt great!  At the end of the ride I still felt fit and able, not dead.  So for future benchmarking, these within-lactic-threshold rides will be the ones I use.  So…

Total Miles: 17.15 (I know it’s different in the post above, and I don’t know why)
Total Time: 1hr 39min
Avg Pace:  10.4 mph

I promise to get the 81-83 trail reviews up soon, but it’ll be a few days because of work.


~ by cardwelc on May 1, 2011.

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