30 Mile Loop

Okay, so the title is misleading because the ride was only 29.28 miles, and you can decide if it’s a loop or not.  Here’s the rundown:

Start at Camel’s Back Park
Ride the road until you get to the bootleg section of Bob’s trail that connects to Corrals
Corrals to Hard Guy
Out and Back on Hard Guy
Up Corrals to Scott’s
Scott’s to 8th St
8th St to Trail 4
Trail 4 to Sidewinder
Sidewinder to Crestline
Ride out on Lower Hull’s Gulch
Hop on Kestrel to get to Owl’s Roost
Ride the Camels Back Park trails back to the car.

This loop was fantastic!  It’s got a lot of hard climbing, but the descending was just gripping!  Here’s the overall map and elevation profile:

30 Mile Loop

There are a couple bits of this loop that you won’t find on the Ridge to Rivers map, so here are some close-ups and details:

To get from the park to Bogus Basin Rd, start heading back up 13th st/Hill Rd, and then take a right onto 15th St; take your first left onto Parkhill Dr and you’ll intersect BB Rd.  Head up BB Rd until just past the stop sign by the school.  You’re going to turn right into the parking area of the church just after the stop sign, follow it around to the back and you’ll see a real short dirt trail leading to a paved walking path.  Turn left onto the path (uphill) and follow it to the next road.  Turn right on that road.  Here’s a picture:

Following this road will take you by/above the golf course.  Keep a sharp eye out to the right and you’ll see the start of the trail.  Hop the curb and descend into the trail.  You’ll parallel the golf course for a little ways.  As of today, there is a fence up to keep the cattle in, I’m hoping that the owner doesn’t mind us riding through there as long as we keep his fence intact and don’t bother his cows.  Anyway, keep riding this trail, when you get to a fork, take the high road.  You’ll start to make your way up hill towards Corrals.  The hill you’ll climb to get up to Corrals is very steep, so be prepared.  Here’s another shot of the whole trail:

Once on Corrals the rest of the ride is pretty straight forward.  Here are some links to the trail info:

Hard Guy: Follow the link for more information. As of today (5/4/11) the Ridge Rd is pretty snowy and muddy at the top of Hard Guy. It’ll be a little bit before it dries out:

Corrals to Scott’s: Corral’s is a fun trail with a couple decent climbs. Compared to the climbing on Hard Guy, the climbs you’ll do on Corrals are not really a big deal. For this particular loop, you’ll only have to contend with one hill on Corrals. However, as soon as you get to the intersection with Scott’s, then you’ll start to do some pretty good climbing again. The pitch of Scott’s is very similar to lot’s of sections of Hard Guy. Scott’s is a nice single track with no technical surprises, just a climb. Scott’s will top out on 8th St.

8th St to Trail 4: This section of 8th St is pretty steep. Since you’ve been doing a lot of climbing already, it’s going to feel pretty tough (unless of course you’re wicked strong). Trail 4 is signed and very obvious. Just keep looking to the right and you can’t miss it.

Trail 4: From 8th St, Trail 4 is a mixed bag of climbing and descending. From 8th St, there will be several climbs with intermittent descents until you come to the intersection where you could ride to the Ridge Road. From that intersection, the trail points almost entirely downhill, and it is incredible! It’s very sandy in spots, and some bits are pretty rocky, but the downhilling is top notch. It won’t be for the faint of heart unless you take it pretty slow. There is one intersection with Trail 6 on your way down, just keep bearing to the right and you’ll stay on Trail 4. As of today, Trail 4 has some mud and snow on it on the uphill bits near 8th St. It’s all rideable though. Here’s a picture of the worst spot:

Sidewinder, Crestline, and Lower Hull’s Gulch

Owl’s Roost: This is another dirt sidewalk that is no big deal, but a nice recovery descent. You will quickly come to a “Y” intersection with an anti-bicycle sign. If you were to stay straight you’d be on a hiker only trail, so take the left option and cruise past the privileged path. This trail will dump you out onto 8th St and the parking.

Go across the street and follow the trail to the left. If you stay on the trail here you’ll end up right back at Camel’s Back Park.


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  1. hello, I’m a Boise native that now lives in Phoenix. I’m here for the week and looking to ride a few longer loops. I’ve done a version of this 30 miles loop and it was lots of fun. I’d love to have someone to ride with. Send me an email if you want to have someone to ride a longer ride with. Thx for the nice website!

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