28 Mile Loop

Still riding! Haven’t posted for a while, but I haven’t done much new stuff either. However, I rode the Coyote Classic at Avimor last weekend, and it was fantastic. The trails were all new to me, so that was exciting. I also placed 5th, so I wasn’t too unhappy with that. I’ll be heading out there again in the near future, and I’ll try to get some maps and reviews up. In the mean time, here’s a 28.5 mile loop I did yesterday.

Start at Military Reserve and make your way to Three Bears (I took Buck Tail)
Climb Three Bears to Watchmen and ride Watchmen all the way down to Rocky Canyon Rd
Turn left and climb up Rocky Canyon Rd until you get to a trail marker for Orchard Gulch.
Turn left and start climbing Orchard Gulch. This is a steady ascent, so if you come to an intersection (you will intersect Five Mile Gulch), just keep heading uphill.
Orchard becomes Five Mile and Five Mile tops out at the Ridge Road.
Turn left on the Ridge Road and watch for the intersection of Trail 4 on your left.
Take Trail 4 down until the first intersection (Trail 4 Intersects itself).
Turn right on Trail 4 heading towards 8th St.
Take 8th St down to Scott’s.
Scott’s to Corrals.
Corrals to Trail 1 (cross 8th St and head down to Hull’s Gulch)
Down Hull’s Gulch
Up Kestrel to the Military Reserve Connection.
Reverse course back to your start.

Here’s the map:

This was a great loop, and the perfect time of the year for it. Trail 4 will probably never be better than it was yesterday. The dirt has soaked up just enough moisture to be firm and tacky instead of loose and sandy. It was fantastic and the definite highlight of this ride!

I’ve reviewed all of these trails except for Orchard Gulch (from Rocky Canyon Rd). Five Mile and Orchard Gulch is a steep and hard climb, made only slightly easier by climbing a little bit on Rocky Canyon Rd first, but really, all the previous beta for Five Mile Gulch stands true for Orchard as well.

If you haven’t ridden trail 4 yet, you might miss the junction that takes you over to 8th st. I think there is a post/trail marker there, but you might not count on my memory for that one. Basically, you’ll descend for a short distance, come out of the trees and then arrive at a sort of level landing…this is the intersection. Look sharply to the right and you’ll see the trail continue around the hill towards 8th st (this intersection is marked on the map above). Trail 4 to 8th is just amazing. It’s rolly, fast, flowy, tons of fun. Watch out for motorcycles as you come across.

Everything else is pretty self explanatory if you’ve got your Ridge to Rivers map, and all the remaining trails have been reviewed here elsewhere, just use the search bar on the top right of this page.

Ride this one now, while the moisture is still in the hills!

Trail Conditions: 5/20/11, everything is dry. We got a lot of rain and even a little snow recently, but it is dry and perfect up to the ridge road. Even the snow that was on Five Mile a couple weeks ago is all gone. Have a blast!


~ by cardwelc on May 21, 2011.

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