The foothills in Winter

If you want to get out for a ride in the foothills this time of year, you’ll have to go early. As long as it freezes over night, you’ll have until about 10am until you should be off the trails.

This morning, the trails were just starting to thaw by 10. I’d guess that by 11:00 almost everything would be too muddy to ride.

Be careful in the higher bits (above the military reserve and any trail near a stream)…these spots were completely covered with shear ice, and a dusting of snow. The snow makes it really tough to see where the ice is. So there’s potential for real carnage if your descending and not paying attention.



~ by cardwelc on February 1, 2014.

2 Responses to “The foothills in Winter”

  1. Isn’t this extremely dangerous though? I fell like it’s way too easy to ride on a patch of ice or something.

    • Know your limits. Slippery conditions are a great time to work on a smooth cadence for consistent power, as well as body positioning and balance. You definitely have to be more careful and modulate your speed (well before turns and obstacles), but winter is still a great time to ride.

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